Year 3&4 News

Picture News 4-1-21

Each week in school, we use a resource called Picture News for one of our Collective Worships. It is a super resource, based on recent news and always has one big question to make us all think. Every week, with our school newsletter, we send home ideas to use at home. The Picture News website contains an assembly each week which your child can access and there is a facility for your child to send a response in too

This week, the focus is on pets, with the question, ‘Should anyone be allowed to buy a pet?’

Here is a link to some ‘at home’ activities Picture News at Home – 4th January and to a Picture Newspaper to promote discussion at home Picture News Paper – 4th January

PTA Fundraising Message

Dear Parents and supporters,

Click to go to the fundraising website

We invite you to this page in the hope that you could donate a little something to the Friends of Naburn PTA. Due to Covid-19, Naburn primary school has missed out on many fundraising opportunities. As a school and community, these fundraisers help bring our small village community together as well as raising funds to support the children of Naburn Primary school. Our last fundraiser was in March and although our current options are severely limited, we are hopeful that we can pull together and still help to raise vital funds in these strange and difficult times.

As we cannot safely run our usual Autumn bash, Christmas fair, we are asking you to dig deep and donate the money you would have spent this term at these events.

The head, teachers and staff have been working tirelessly over this period, working hard to ensure that Naburn School is a happy and safe place, providing the stability and consistency we all acknowledge is essential for our children in these uncertain times.

The money raised will be used to renew the School topic book library amongst other experience enhancing learning tools for the children. Anything extra will go towards the fund for our new reading room.

Please support this campaign with whatever you can, we also welcome any ideas you may have for future fundraisers. Every £ counts… lets exceed our target of £2000 and show our lovely little school some Love.

All our thanksFriends of Naburn PTA

In Willow Class we love to code!

We have previously used 2Code in Purple Mash, explored some of the courses and activities – and lots more! Last week in a lesson with Computer Kat we decided to try some coding in Scratch to apply our developing skills, and computational thinking, in a new context. 

Scratch is a programming language and an online community where children can program and (if they choose to create an account and log in) share projects with people from all over the world. If you would like to explore Scratch some more at home, the site is free to use and can be used without logging in. You should always check with your parents or carers before you access any new sites at home – and in particular before making any accounts! If your parents or carers have questions, they can find out more about Scratch and the Scratch community, including the Privacy Notice and information about the community guidelines and expectations, here: 

Click to go to the tutorial!

At the end of the lesson we all agreed that we had found some of it hard, but that we had all learnt a lot!

Willow Class – can you feel the beat?

We watched some wonderful waltzes and fabulous foxtrots from Strictly Come Dancing.  We listened carefully to the rhythm of the music, then had a go at creating our own regular patterns of accented beats using software. Your browser does not support…