E-safety for Families, Parents & Carers

We have recently purchased an E-Safety teaching package for the school called eAware which has been developed specifically to help schools assess children’s online behaviour, identify risk, and raise e-safety awareness so that they are able to negotiate the online world safely. You can find out more on their website, eaware.co.uk

We will be using this valuable resource in lessons with the children in school. We also want to support families about this important subject by sharing information, tips and advice from a range of sources which we will share via the website and newsletter.

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You can find lots of useful information on the websites linked below about how to help keep children safe online, and we will be adding information for parents and carers on this topic to the website regularly.


Click here to read the Naburn School Online Safety Policy and our Safeguarding & Child Protection Policy, on our Policies & Documents page.