Our School Curriculum

Here at Naburn CE Primary School we provide a broad and balanced curriculum, structured around and informed by the Cornerstones Curriculum, which is a nationally recognised approach for delivering outstanding learning opportunities for children. Click here for our Curriculum Statement, including information about Curriculum development in the summer term.

Curriculum Implementation

The progression framework is implemented through a series of engaging and knowledge-rich projects. The projects are organised so that curriculum content, knowledge and skills are taught in a well-sequenced way that allows children to learn and do more as they progress throughout each year group. Each project is subject-driven and contains hundreds of lessons and thousands of high-quality teaching resources.

Lesson plans

Each project is delivered through a series of well-planned lessons built around Cornerstones’ four-stage pedagogy Engage-Develop-Innovate-Express.

Teaching resources

Each lesson is supported by excellent resources. Each resource is meticulously researched and designed for maximum learning benefits. They use only the best quality images and refrain from using cartoons or simplified imagery. This ensures that all children can see authentic representations of people and places.

Knowledge organisers

Each project has a knowledge organiser that sets out the core information children need to know. These organisers present information in a fluent, engaging and age-appropriate way and can be used flexibly across the curriculum. Each knowledge organiser is rich in vocabulary and includes a project glossary. All EYFS projects contain an age-appropriate version of our knowledge organisers entitled ‘Did you know?’


Maths is taught through the White Rose Maths (WRM) scheme, which is fully integrated with the curriculum’s progression framework and assessment system. White Rose Maths projects are sequenced term by term, and a range of excellent White Rose Maths resources are included for each lesson. This is the scheme we used before we took on Cornerstones.


English is taught throughout the whole curriculum. Each project includes a wealth of ambitious reading and writing resources. Each history and geography project is supported by an English genre pack, which provides guidance and resources for linked reading and writing opportunities across the curriculum. We also are able to benefit from book and novel study packs to support our more able readers.

Curriculum Impact

Testing and low-stakes quizzes

Most projects have a question-and-answer sheet or low-stakes quiz to help assess children’s learning. These can be used at the end of a project or for retrieval practice at different points across the school year.

Assessment and monitoring

The curriculum is fully integrated with a comprehensive assessment system, enabling school to assess children’s learning in all subjects, including maths and English. The assessment system provides us with immediate data on any gaps in children’s learning and progress overall.