Friends of Naburn Primary School

All parents and carers of children at our fantastic school are members of the group, so everyone is welcome to come along to meetings and have your say about what we do. Coming along to a meeting doesn’t mean you will get stuck with a job, we promise!

As all schools face budget cuts, Naburn has grown more reliant on donations from us to provide children with learning resources which would have been centrally funded in the past, so the work we do to raise money is becoming increasingly important to help all of our children to have access to important & much needed educational tools.

In the past few years we have raised thousands of pounds and this money has helped buy equipment and teaching resources as well as reading books. Click here to see the latest news from the Friends of Naburn!


An easy and simple way of helping support School is by registering with the easyfundraising website:

It is quick, free and simple to do – and just by shopping online you can help raise funds for the PTA.

Village 100 Club!

The village 100 club launched in August 2021, and 109 tickets were sold meaning each lucky monthly winner will receive £54.50, and £54.50 will be raised for the school each month.