Year 3/4 homework – 16th June

This week your homework is to think and plan an enterprise idea based around a Yorkshire theme.

We have been entered into a competition where we can make something, e.g a cake or create our game, where people would pay to play and perhaps win a prize. As a class we will get £100 to spend, either on resources to make things, or it could be used to buy prizes. I will decide which idea I think will work the best, then as a class, we will proceed with it. We will make the item or play the game at Naburn Gala on 22nd July ( please keep this date free), where we see how much money we can make.

Your homework is present your idea to me. First, describe your idea; then try to work out or find out how much it would cost to buy materials or whatever it would need. Finally explain how it would make money and try to work out how much profit it would make. ( You would have to say if 10 people bought or played; 20, 30 and so on.) Draw a picture to show what it would be like.

Remember, it must have a Yorkshire theme. I have decided you can team up with a friend if you wish, but you must both do the homework. Good luck. 🙂