Year 3/4 homework – 2nd October

This week your homework is to find out names of different flowers from Great Britain and flowers which could be found in the rainforest.

Make 2 separate lists or make a chart. You must give these a heading. Find out 10 from Britain and 10 from the rainforest. Choose 1 British and 1 rainforest flower to draw. If you can bring a flower into school on Monday, please do, as it will help with our science lesson.

I also would like you to go to a shop and spend a small amount of money; give either £1:00 or a £5:00 note to the shop assistant and see what change you get. Stick the receipt into your homework book and make a sum showing how much you gave, how much you spent and what change you received. Try to find something to buy to challenge you so the maths is not too easy!

This homework is due in on Friday 9th October. Remember to use your best writing and underline all titles with a ruler.