Reception News

Dinosaur Discovery!



Our new topic is ‘Dinosaurs’! We went to Forest School and found an enormous egg and some very big bones. We have made a nest for the egg and added feathers to keep it warm.We don’t mind if the egg hatches, we just don’t want the dinosaur to be a meat eater!

We’ve even used the bones in our Maths lesson!

The First Children in Space!

We have just finished our topic on Space. The children are waiting for the bus on our theatre trip to see ‘The First Hippo on the Moon’. A fantastic time was had by all! In the final week, the children…

Astronaut Adventures!

We used the MashCam to take our pictures so that we could go on a spacewalk. We wrote in our speech bubbles about the incredible things we could see, and used a microphone to record our voices. What an amazing…