Headteacher’s Welcome

Mrs Durham, Headteacher

Welcome to the Naburn CE Primary School website.

Set in the beautiful rural village of Naburn, just outside the city of York, we are a small school with a big history, a big heart and big ideas! Our school is at the heart of our community and enjoys a close relationship with our local Church, St. Matthew and the Diocese of York. This relationship gives the school a uniquely distinctive character, which supports and provides a rich learning environment for all pupils.

As a church school, we follow Christian Values in all we do: the way that we treat each other, the way that we look for opportunities to help those in need and in the example we demonstrate to those we meet.

Through our values of aspiration, respect and community, we are committed to creating confident, highly motivated and independent young people with a life-long love of learning across the whole of the curriculum.

We celebrated our 150th anniversary in 2022. Click to read more!

At Naburn, we believe that all children thrive in an environment in which they are happy, having fun, challenged and secure. We encourage, stimulate and challenge our pupils, to better prepare them for life in a rapidly developing world, whilst also making sure they have a really enjoyable, enriching and exciting primary experience. We strive to ensure that pupils at Naburn Primary are happy and confident individuals who demonstrate our Christian Values during their time in school and within the wider community.

Our Christian vision: “Whenever the rainbow appears in the clouds, I will see it and remember the everlasting covenant between God and all living creatures of every kind on the earth.” Genesis 9 v16

Every time we see a rainbow in the sky, we can remember that God loves us and will always look after us.

Our vision is rooted in the Bible story of Noah and the Ark and reflects our strong ethos in valuing and respecting everyone as an individual with their own unique qualities. The Ark symbolises our school community: we are all on a journey together. We trust in God to help us reach our full potential through the positive and uplifting symbol of the rainbow that God sent as a covenant to Noah. Alongside respecting the dignity and potential of each individual person and being sensitive to the needs of a diverse society, we strive to enhance and strengthen our values of Aspiration, Respect and Community. Our vision helps in guiding us to achieve our aspirations; to have a respect for the value of individuals and make positive contributions to our community and to wider society.

A Nut Free School!

If you are interested in applying for a place at Naburn and would like to have a guided tour, please do get in touch! 

Kate Durham.

The GTRSB Pledge

As a small school on the outskirts of York where 40% of our children are from GTRSB families it is so important that we engage this community to ensure that they thrive and flourish and want to be in school. We have seen first-hand the power of education and how it can boost and enable this group. We have also witnessed how vulnerable they are, and therefore commit to the GTRSB Pledge for Schools to deliver best practice and improve outcomes for GTRSB children and their families.