Year 3/4 Homework

This time your homework is a competition run by the Guinness World Records. It is to design a new superhero who combines the features of human excellence with animal adaptations.

You have to neatly draw your human / animal, label on it what abilities they have as a result of being both animal and human. Explain what world records they could break, also give them a superhero name. If you are looking for amazing animal facts, visit the Guinness World Records website.

Do this in your homework book. The best entries will receive a competition form to enter the actual competition.

You also have homework to complete a SPAG mat. This is to help with your spelling, punctuation and grammar. ( Some children have spelling work only to complete.)

There will also be spellings to learn over the half term holiday.

Please do not return any of this homework until Monday 6th November, when we return after the half term break.

Y. 4. Autumn 1 Spelling List

Y.3. Autumn 1 Spelling List