Year 3/4 Homework – 9th February 2018

Y. 4.Spring 1 Spelling List
Y.3. Spring 1 Spelling List

Homework over half term is to learn your spellings, according to the phonics group you are in. Year 3 spellings for Ms. Cordingley’s group and Year 4 spellings for Mrs McLaren’s group. The spellings are attached, although you do have them in your Reading Diary too.

In your homework book, I want you to think of up to 3 questions you would like to ask David Attenborough. They must be on the theme of the natural world. We will then select the best 3 from the class and enter the competition, where the class with the best 3 questions will be invited to the Yorkshire Museum to meet him as he opens the new exhibition, Yorkshire’s Jurassic World. Add pictures to your questions, to make them look good.
Presentation is important! Number your questions, start every question with a capital letter and end it with a question mark. Use your line guide or rule your own lines. Use your very best neat joined up writing. Space your work out so it looks good and is easy to read.

I will also set some Mathletics homework. If you cannot see what has been set, do some activities based on fractions. Get as many points as you can for our class!
This homework is due in the first day back after half term, Monday 19th February.