Year 3/4 homework – 4th May 2018

Your homework this week is to write a fact or information page(s) about a sport that you play. You need to include headings and sub headings. Make sure that it is about a sport you know well. Remember, if you think you don’t know a sport well, we have had tennis and football coaching with professionals, as well as some of cricket.
Headings and sub headings to use are: What the sport is
Briefly, the aim of the sport
Why I started this sport
Where I do this sport – explain what and where this place is
My favourite part of doing the sport
Skills I need to do the sport
How I try to improve ( maybe, people who help me)
My achievements in the sport
As always, present your work neatly and carefully, make at least one double page, but no more than 2 double pages in your homework book. Include pictures and diagrams as you go along, in each section.
This homework is due in on or before Monday 14th May.