Coding with Year One

Computer Kat was very confused this morning – she wondered if Mrs King and Mrs Wood had got a bit mixed up with their algorithms for getting dressed today!  Maybe they needed some help to debug the algorithm and get dressed properly?

The Year One children explained that, actually, they had just used a different algorithm – with the instructions in a different sequence – because it is World Book Day so that is the reason they had underpants on the outside of their trousers!

We continued our learning with on the laptops.  We needed to build the correct algorithm by choosing the correct commands and snapping them together, in the right order, and then test our code by running it!  As well as some important computing skills, such as using the trackpads and ‘debugging’ their code, the children also showed great focus and concentration as well as plenty of persistence and determination, even if some of the puzzles were quite tricky.  They did a great job, and Computer Kat was very impressed!