School Update Meeting – Wednesday 19th October

There will be a meeting for all parents and carers on Wednesday 19th October at 6.30pm in the school
hall. The purpose is to summarise the work that has been done by the school since our last meeting in
July, explain to parents how much has been achieved alongside the current school position, then give a brief overview of what we hope to achieve by the end of this academic year.

All parents of children of a pre-school or Primary School age from our catchment area are invited to attend, even if they have taken their children to other schools over the course of the year. I am very keen to help them to understand that the door to Naburn CE Primary School always remains open for their children to return.

Please make every effort to attend and also to get to school by 6.15pm. This will help us make a decision as to the size suitability of the hall and whether we need to move the meeting to the Village Hall.

Finally, please also note that Maxine Squire, CYC Assistant Director of Education, will be attending the meeting, along with School Governors, representatives from the Diocese and Councillor Vassie.