Rocket Fund

Logo showing the outline, drawn in multi-coloured stars, of a rocket ship with the text "Rocket Fund" underneath it.

As you may know, we are busy raising funds for a set of Chromebooks to further enhance the learning in Willow Class. These will replace the laptops which are sadly on their last legs and will also be used by Rowan Class. The Friends of Naburn have already helped us and the Government has given us some money to spend on ‘little extras’ which we can use too! So we are now having one final push.

We set up a Rocket Fund project with the hope of raising enough funds for the trolley, but amazingly we have reached our target in just one day! Wow!

We have now extended the project to include 10 chromebooks too. 

Do have a look and donate if you can. You can pledge as little as £1 and every donation will help us reach our goal. Our next dream is to build up the set of ipads in Rowan Class to a full class set, so any money raised will mean this dream can be realised even faster, so benefitting our children even more quickly.

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