Minutes from Friends of Naburn School PTA meeting and AGM 9th October 2015

Friends of Naburn CE Primary School
(Parent Teacher Association Naburn CE Primary School)
Naburn CE Primary School
YO19 4PP

Friends of Naburn CE Primary School Minutes
Friday 9th October 2015
Naburn School

1. Attendance & Apologies
Attendance: Fleur Targett, Claire Horne, Julia Connelly, Shirley Fairley, Louise Earnshaw, Debbie Barton, Hazel Marjoram, Sarah Eden, Michelle Burgess, Leah Hitchcock, Nicola Stephenson-Barr, Daniel Edmondson, Sarah Edmondson.

2. Friends of Naburn CE Primary School Roles
Previous committee members resigned and nominations to fill the posts were requested. Appointments were made as follows…
Chair: Debbie Barton
Vice Chair: Fleur Targett
Secretaries: Claire Horne and Leah Hitchcock
Treasurer: Hazel Marjoram agreed to continue as treasurer again this year unless anyone else wants to take on the role.

3. Year Group Representatives
Nominations for year group representatives were also sought and the following positions were filled…
Reception: Sarah Edmondson
Year 1: Shirley Fairley
Year 3: Sarah Eden
Year 5: Lynn Anderson
It was decided that a request for volunteers to fill the open positions in years 2, 4 and 6 should be included in a newsletter to parents.

4. Bags 2 School
A Bags 2 School collection has been arranged for Friday 13th November from 8.40am. It was mentioned that they refuse to take items in bags for charities other than Bags 2 School, although plain bags are fine. Fleur Targett, Louise Earnshaw and Leah Hitchcock agreed to help with the sorting and bagging.

5. Christmas cards
Tania Farmer is arranging the Christmas cards this year. More details to follow.

6. Mum’s and Dad’s Night Out
It was suggested that Lynn Anderson be asked to organise a Mum’s night out and that a request for a volunteer to organise a Dad’s night out be included in the Newsletter.

7. EYFS Night Out
Sarah Edmondson agreed to organise a night out for the EYFS parents, to help them to meet the other reception parents and get to know each other.

8. Movie Night
Fleur Targett has kindly arranged the next movie night for Friday 16th October. It will be ‘Shaun the Sheep’, starting at 5.45pm. Shirley Fairley and Leah Hitchcock agreed to help.

9. Ugly Bug Ball and Pumpkin Festival
This fun event has been arranged for Saturday 31st October. Trick or treating will take place in the village from 5-6pm. The Ugly Bug Ball, including fancy dress competition, disco and games will follow at Naburn Village Hall from 6-8pm. Tickets will be sold in advance for £3 per child, to also include a hot dog and juice. There will also be a Spookiest House competition for pre-registered houses, to be announced at the Ugly Bug Ball. Organisers/helpers include Sue Britton, Sarah Eden, Fleur Targett, Sarah Porter and Dawn Riley.

10. Naburn Village Christmas Fair
We intend to have a stall at the village Christmas Fair with a chocolate tombola and selling reindeer dust. It was suggested that Lynn Anderson be asked to enquire about the table.
11. School Christmas Party
KS1 and KS2 will again have separate Christmas parties this year, to be arranged in the last week of school (week beginning 14th December). Year group representatives will be asked to shop for the presents for the children, to be given out by Mr and Mrs Claus at the Christmas parties!

12. Carols Around the Christmas Tree
Hazel Marjoram offered to enquire in the Pub about the arrangements for this year.

13. Ceilidh
It was agreed that another Ceilidh would be a great fundraiser for the Spring time.

14. Saint Crux
We are waiting to hear if we have been allocated a date for our annual Saint Crux fundraiser.

15. Bunny Drive (Beetle Drive)
A Bunny or Beetle Drive was suggested as a fun event to arrange for Easter time. Arrangements to be discussed nearer the time.

16. Fundraising
Thanks to a lot of hard-earned fundraising from last year we have about £5000 to spend this year. A need for more iPads was discussed and it was also agreed that we ask parents for other suggestions as to what to spend the money on in the newsletter.

17. Other fundraising Ideas for this year…
i. Business Stock Donations
Daniel Edmondson suggested that we approach local independent retailers to request any donations of old/expiring stock and offered to draft a letter.
ii. Auction of promises
An event where we could auction off promises of services, such as ironing or babysitting.

iii. Tea towels/Hoodies
Hoodies or tea towels could be printed with the children’s names or drawings, to sell to parents/grandparents etc.
iiii. Recipe Book
It was suggested that we could collect one recipe from each family, along with a photo of the child with the dish they cooked, to compile into a school recipe book that could also be produced and sold to families/friends etc.
v. Charity/FoNPS Quiz/Cheese and Wine Night
A joint fund raising and charity event was proposed, involving either a pub quiz or a cheese and wine night.
vi. Easyfundraising.org.uk
Louise Earnshaw is forwarding the details of our account for easyfundraising.org.uk, which parents can use to shop with online retailers (including Amazon, Argos etc.) and earn donations to the school. Details are to be sent out to parents in the newsletter.

18. iPad donations/gifts from companies
It was suggested that we could write to companies to see if we could acquire any refurbished iPads from them if/when they updated to newer models. Nicola SB said she would ask Caroline how gifts to school like this would work.

19. Tough Mudder
A competition between Mums and Dads to complete the Tough Mudder Run was proposed!

20. Swimming lessons
Nicola SB is trying to organise swimming lessons for the children. She is still waiting for a response from York Sport. Other pools proposed included Archbishop Holgate’s School, Queen Margaret’s School, and Selby Leisure Centre.

21. Postage and Photocopying
Daniel Edmondson kindly offered to cover some school postage and photocopying costs through his business, where possible.

22. Date of next meeting
Next meeting is to be arranged for the beginning of next half term.

Marie Benson, Alison Rothwell

Registered Charity number: 1135696