World Book Day (non-uniform and ‘Booknic’)

World Book Day will be here very soon and we are beginning to plan for this event, including a ‘Booknic’ lunch.

The general gist is the children bring in their favourite book to school. At lunch time they have grab bags and are put into small groups. Whilst they have lunch they take it in turns to talk about their favourite book i.e. what it’s about, why they like it, and then read a small part of it. There will be one adult with each group who might also read a section, depending on what the book is and the children’s reading ability.

It would be great to get parents involved in this as well, so if you can spare an hour or two on 2nd March, please get in touch with Mr Green or the School Office – thank you! The event would also benefit from picnic blankets for the children to sit on. Please also get in touch if you can supply one. Thank you.

We are also excited to tell you that Nyla and Phoenix’s mum has agreed to come into school on the day as well! She is a brilliant author and we know that she will totally inspire the children.

Please note that it is a non-uniform day. Children may choose what to wear which may include coming
to school dressed as their favourite book character.