E-Safety Quick Read – Twitch

What parents need to know about Twitch

Many people have never even heard of it – but for gamers, Twitch is big. On 15 June 2020, for example, 2.3 million users (a record for the platform) were using it to watch someone else play Fortnite. Quite staggering, when you consider it. Perhaps less surprising if we provide the context that Twitch is owned by Amazon and sits among the top 30 most-visited sites on the internet.
Within an online community of roughly 15 million people, however, one will invariably find a proportion of bad apples. Twitch, unfortunately, is no exception – with potential bullying and the chance of unsolicited contact from strangers among the hazards to young people. Our #WakeUpWednesday guide brings trusted adults the essential information on Twitch.National Online Safety

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This guide is from National Online Safety.