Year 5/6 homework – 9/2/18

To prepare the children for when they come back after half term, there are a few tasks to complete.

1 – Design and Technology
Could you please collect a range of ‘junk modelling’ equipment, ready to create your trains when you return back to school. This lesson will take place the first Monday back, so items will need to be taken to school for then.
Items could include: Cereal boxes, tin cans, card, tin foil, kitchen roll tubes etc.

2 – Maths
Attached is a maths activity to complete – please do this independently. If you do have any help, please note this on the sheet.

3 – Topic
After half term we are looking at changes to the UK coastline (with a focus on Whitby). Your task is to find a picture of one of Britain’s beaches (Scarborough, Whitby, Filey etc.) from 50 years ago, and one from this year. Stick them on a piece of paper side by side, and compare the differences/similarities between them. You can present this as creatively as you like. These may be displayed on our topic working wall.

As ever, continue your hard work on Mathletics and Reading eggs, earning lots of points and certificates!

Please also ensure you are keeping your reading diary up to date, and bring these back for me to look at and sign.

I hope you have an enjoyable half term.

Miss Brett.