PTA – Friends of Naburn Primary

The PTA (Parents & Teachers Association) is also known as Friends of Naburn Primary and all families of pupils at our school are members. We also welcome individuals from the community – some of whom are pupils and parents of the past!  Friends of Naburn School organise regular fundraising and social events for the whole school community.  Our fundraising efforts have enhanced the education and experience of all the children at the school and will continue to do so with all of your support. In 2016-17 we raised in excess of £7000 which paid for a wide variety of activities and equipment which benefit all of our children including improvements to the Reception / KS1 outside areas, the purchase of Chrome Books as well as classroom equipment and resources and subsidising school trips and events.  As school budgets have become increasingly tightened, the funds which the group raise have become more and more important to the School.

We hold meetings every couple of months or to coincide with an up and coming event.  These meetings are held in School and attendance is completely voluntary, it is your chance to have your say about the group and the events it organises.  Attending these meetings does not mean you are given a job to do, but we are always appreciative of any additional help we receive! Without all of your help we would not be able to make the contributions which benefit all of the children at Naburn Church of England Primary School.

You can contact the Friends of Naburn School by leaving a note in the Comments/Suggestions Box located in school (at the infants entrance) or you can email

2017/18 Committee

Chair – Sarah Edmondson

Vice Chair – Becci Landragin

Treasurer – Rachel Atkinson

Secretaries – Leah Hitchcock / Claire Horne

Reception Class Rep – Rachel Atkinson

Year 1 Class Rep – Rebekah Hicks

Year 2 Class Rep – Deborah Barton

Year 3 Class Rep – Shirley Fairley

Year 4 Class Rep – Claire Porter

Year 5 Class Rep – Sarah Eden

Year 6 Class Rep – Vacancy

Naburn Primary School PTA is a registered charity no. 1135696