Membership & Meetings

The Governing Body is made up of representatives of the school staff, parents, the Local Authority and members of the local community. They are a group of individuals, from a variety of backgrounds, who work as a team to support the school in making sure the priorities established are the right ones for school improvement. They have general responsibility for the management of the school, acting within the framework set by national legislation and the agreed policies of the school. They work in partnership with the Headteacher to make decisions about how the school is run in order to improve the quality of education and ensure pupil progress.

If you have a question for the Governing Body please email

Governor NameFull Governing BodyTerm of Office
Start Date
Term of Office
End Date
Committee MembershipPositions of ResponsibilityLink RoleDeclarations of Interest
David MooresCo-opted27/11/201426/11/2018Finance & Resources, Teaching & Learning, HT Performance Management, Pay Committee Chair of GovernorsEnglish & Literacy, Teaching, Learning & Assessment, Y3 & 4
Brenda ChristisonHeadteachern/an/aFinance & Resources, Teaching & Learning
Richard Kirkman Foundation ex Officion/an/aHT Performance Management, Pay Committee Chair of Pay CommitteePerformance Management, Personal Development, Behaviour Welfare & Safeguarding, SIAMS, RE & Collective WorshipRector of Escrick, Stillingfleet and Naburn Diocese of York
Anne Clark Local Authority30/04/201429/04/2018Teaching & Learning, HT Performance ManagementSpecial Educational Needs, PhonicsNaburn Parish Council
Nick LeeCo-opted27/11/201426/11/2018Finance & ResourcesChair of Finance & Resources CommitteeY5 & 6
James TargettCo-opted27/11/201426/11/2018Finance & ResourcesAssessment for Learning, Science
Jane TupperCo-opted27/11/201426/11/2018Teaching & LearningMathematics & NumeracyDeputy Principal Askham Bryan College
Louise Earnshaw Parent08/02/201307/02/2014Finance & Resources, Teaching & Learning, Pay Committee Chair of Teaching & Learning CommitteeEarly Years & Foundation StageShareholder Signs Express (York)
Sarah MooreParent14/03/201413/03/2018Finance & ResourcesBehaviour, Welfare & Safeguarding, Y1 & 2
Matthew HorneCo-opted22/11/201621/11/2020Finance & Resources
Heather PageFoundation01/09/201631/09/2020Finance & ResourcesRE & Collective Worship
Katie WoodStaff01/09/201531/08/2019Teaching & Learning
Jenny Bartram
Foundation01/01/201531/08/2016Campus & Community
Alison Rawcliffe
Co=opted27/11/201413/10/2016Campus & Community

The Governing Body hold two Full Governing Body meetings per term. From September 2016 The Governing Body has two sub committees; Teaching & Learning Committee and the Finance  & Resource Committee. Prior to this there were three committees; Teaching & Learning, Finance & HR and Campus & Community. Sub committees meet at least once per term. The sub committees report to the Full Governing Body.  Please ask in school if you wish to see (non-confidential) minutes from these meetings.

School Governance Regulations (2013)

Full Governing Body Attendance

Governor15 October 201526 November 201510 December 201528 January 201621 April 201622 June 201612 October 201622 November 201626 January 2017
Dave Moores (Chair)PresentPresentPresentPresentPresentApologies ReceivedPresentPresentPresent
Louise EarnshawPresentPresentPresentPresentPresentPresentPresentPresentPresent
Jane TupperPresentPresentPresentPresentApologies ReceivedPresentPresentApologies ReceivedPresent
Richard KirkmanPresentPresentPresentPresentAbsent No ApologiesPresentApologies ReceivedPresentPresent
Anne ClarkPresentPresentPresentPresentPresentPresentPresentPresentPresent
Katie WoodPresentPresentPresentPresentPresentPresentPresentPresentPresent
Nick LeePresentPresentPresentPresentPresentApologies ReceivedPresentPresentPresent
James TargettPresentPresentPresentApologies ReceivedPresentPresentPresentPresentPresent
Sarah MoorePresentPresentPresentPresentPresentPresentApologies ReceivedPresentPresent
Alison RawcliffePresentApologies ReceivedPresentPresentPresentPresentApologies ReceivedResignedResigned
Jenny BartramPresentAbsent No ApologiesPresentAbsent No ApologiesApologies ReceivedAbsent No ApologiesResignedResignedResigned
Caroline Buck
School Business Manager
Heather Page**------PresentPresentPresent
Matthew Horne***-------Apologies ReceivedPresent

Teaching & Learning Committee

Teaching & Learning Committee Terms of Reference

Governor Name21 October 201512 February 201629 April 201614 July 201619 October 2016
Louise Earnshaw (Chair)PresentApologies ReceivedPresentPresentPresent
Katie WoodApologies SentPresentPresentPresentPresent
Dave MooresPresentPresentPresentPresentPresent
Anne ClarkPresentApologies ReceivedApologies ReceivedPresentPresent
Jane TupperApologies ReceivedPresentPresentPresentPresent
Richard Kirkman *----Apologies Received

* membership commenced October 2016

Finance & Resources Committee

Governor7 November 201617 November 2017
Nick Lee (Chair)PresentPresent
Louise EarnshawPresentPresent
Heather PageApologies ReceivedPresent
Sarah MooreApologies ReceivedPresent
James TargettPresentPresent
Dave MooresPresentPresent
Caroline Buck
School Business Manager

Finance & HR Committee

Governor2 November 201514 January 201610 March 201621 April 201609 June 2016
Nick Lee (Chair)PresentPresentPresentPresentPresent
Louise EarnshawPresentPresentPresentPresentPresent
James TargettApologies ReceivedPresentPresentPresentPresent
Jenny BartramPresentAbsent No ApologiesAbsent No ApologiesPresentApologies Received
Caroline Buck
School Business Manager

Campus & Community Committee

Campus & Community Committee Terms of Reference

Governor1 December 20152 February 20167 June 2016
Headteacher (Chair)PresentPresentPresent
Dave MooresPresentPresentPresent
Sarah MoorePresentPresentPresent
Caroline Buck
School Business Manager
Alison RawcliffePresentPresentPresent
Jenny BartramApologies ReceivedPresentAbsent No Apologies

Parent Governors are appointed by the Parents of the School, Co-Opted Governors are appointed by the Governing Body, Foundation Governors are appointed by the Diocese, Staff Governors are appointed by the Staff of the School and Local Authority Governors are appointed by the Local Authority.