Visitors to School

I was delighted to welcome a team of visitors to school yesterday. It consisted of Derek Sutherland (Head of Primary Effectiveness and Achievement for City of York), Tina Clarke (Head of Fishergate), together with Karen Brunyee (one of our Governors) and formed part of our ongoing School Improvement work. We spent the morning visiting classrooms, talking to children. looking at books and observing learning. The children were super, focussing well on their lessons and behaving impeccably. They joined in with enthusiasm and worked well together on tasks. We saw some superb writing based on class books and watched as our children grappled with problem solving, which is something we are focussing on this year as a school. The children spoke confidently to our visitors and said that they love the family feel of our school and the fact that everyone knows each other and that they can play with children of all year groups.

A full report will be coming soon and I will update you then with some more details. But for now I just wanted to say thankyou to the children and staff for such a positive start to our year together.

Mrs Christison