Reception News

Rec/Y1 news

This week year 1 have been doing some brilliant research using non fiction books and the iPads. They worked in pairs to research an animal and will be using the information to create an animal fact file. Reception have been…

‘Down on the Farm’

Reception and Year One have had a brilliant first week back, starting our new topic ‘Down on the Farm’. The children created some lovely farm animal art work – take a look in our farm shop role play area! Click…

Prickly Hay

Our Key Stage One children are busy rehearsing their Nativity play, called ‘Prickly Hay’. It will be a wonderful performance I am sure. The dress rehearsal is 2pm tomorrow (Tuesday) and members of the community are welcome, as always. Mrs…

‘A Toy Story’

To kick start our toys topic this week we have been designing and making pop up puppets! We have been talking about the best materials to use and next week we will be looking at how toys have changed over…

Rec/Y1 update


Another busy week has passed!

In maths Year 1 have been using numicon to secure their number bonds to 10.

Reception have enjoyed learning about ‘Diwali’. They have been using clay to make divas (light holders). Keep a look out for the finished products in the classroom next week!

To find out more about Diwali click here

Magic Maths!

This week in maths Year One are focusing on using the symbols: < > = to compare two numbers.  Click on the crocodile for a game to practise using these symbols.

Reception have been enjoying the story ‘Oi! Get Off Our Train’, counting the number of animals that get on the train. They have also been matching numbers to the correct number of objects. Click on the train for a fun matching game.

Reception have had lots of fun looking at the baby photographs they have brought into school. We guessed who was who. Mrs Walton even brought in a baby photograph! Keep a look out in the classroom for baby books that Reception are creating…