The Spending of the Pupil Premium Grant at Naburn CE Primary School

The Pupil Premium Grant is a sum of money allocated to schools to ensure that all children have an equal chance to succeed in schools. An amount is allocated for children eligible for free school meals, who are from service families and those that are in Local Authority Care.

The free school meal children are either registered now or have been registered in the past 6 years for free school meals. The current funding allocation is £1,320 per pupil for free school meal pupils and children in Local Authority care.

The more children registered for free school meals the more pupil premium…and the more funding available to ensure that these children make good progress.

Schools are now expected to explain what they have received and how the money was used.

In 2016/17 the total Pupil Premium Grant will be used to:

Maintain Teaching Assistant and ELSA (Emotional Literacy Support Assistant) hours, to provide timely interventions to those pupils who are at risk of making slow progress. This support particularly focuses on the barriers to learning, such as developing self esteem and wellbeing and allows time for small group interventions and one to one support as needed.The funding is also used to support these children and families in extending the enrichment of the curriculum, for example providing free educational visits and residential visits and free access to extra-curricular clubs. We will also be purchasing more ICT equipment to support pupils with specific learning needs.This year, the total amount of PPG is estimated to be £10,823.

We will measure the impact of this grant by monitoring progress being made in Reading, Writing and Maths for all of our eligible PPG pupils. This will take place at least termly and will be discussed at our Teaching and Learning Committee meetings. The progress of pupils will also be discussed at our regular Pupil Progress meetings with teachers, which are a central part of our Performance Review structures in school.

We will review this strategy termly and update this information at the end of the academic year, to include details of the impact of our actions.

*Due to the small number of children at Naburn CE Primary who qualify for this grant, published details (such as main barriers to achievement) are kept as general as possible in order to ensure confidentiality.

*Parents are urged to register for a free school meal if they are eligible.

In 2015/16 the total Pupil Premium Grant was used to:

Maintain teaching assistant hours in school to provide support and challenge for pupils in receipt of pupil premium. Funding was also used to purchase reading materials and ICT software to support pupils with specific needs and to train a TA as an Emotional Literacy Support Assistant.

In 2014/15 the total Pupil Premium Grant was used to:

Maintain and extend teaching assistant hours in school to provide support and challenge for pupils in receipt of pupil premium. Research materials were also purchased to support staff in teaching and managing pupils with specific needs.

In 2013/14 the total Pupil Premium Grant was used to:

Fund an additional teaching assistant to work in school four mornings per week supporting and challenging pupils in receipt of pupil premium funding.