Sports Premium Funding

‘Sport Premium’ is a funding package allocated to schools by the Government. The money must be used to improve the provision of P.E. and school sport but schools will have the freedom to choose how they do this.

At Naburn CE Primary School we recognise the contribution of PE to the health and well-being of children. Through PE and sport, children develop many of our Christian core values such as trust, courage, justice, humility, respect and perseverance.

In 2016/17, we will be continuing to promote sport throughout school, spending the Sports Funding (a total of £8345) as follows:

  • Buying into the ‘York Schools Sports Network’ to provide high quality experiences for the pupils through regular competitions, after school and lunchtime clubs and local events. This also provides high quality training for our staff in school, with a qualified PE expert delivering lessons alongside our staff for one afternoon every other half term (£2990). Children have already taken part in a city-wide Tag Rugby competition through this link, making it through to the finals thanks to the expert teaching provided. They have also taken part in an inter-school High 5 Netball tournament.
  • Providing one free after school club and one free lunchtime club per week to encourage all children to take part and to give them the opportunity to learn skills from specialist teachers (for example providing a Multi-sports Club run by two specialists from York City Knights throughout the whole of the Autumn and Spring Terms and one after school club during the Summer term(£3420)
  • Continuing to develop the skills of our own PE Subject Leader, so that she can then cascade this new knowledge to the rest of staff, so making these improvements more sustainable (for example buying a specialist football coach from Tadcaster Albion i2i Sports to work alongside our teacher in Y5/6) (£120).
  • Increasing the number of sports clubs on offer to all pupils over the year, utilising lunchtimes more.
  • Continuing to update and replace resources to increase participation in a range of sports (for example new resources for football, netball and rugby lessons in the Autumn term).(£221 spent in Autumn Term.)
  • Improving the storage facilities for PE resources at school (£500).
  • Broadening the experiences of the KS2 children and developing the skills of the KS2 teachers, by providing expert tennis coaching at David Lloyd for one half term each (£360).
  • Taking part in a Small Schools Sports Day in which we work with other local small schools to provide further opportunities for our Junior children to take part in larger competitive sporting events (£100).

Further expenditure and impact will follow as the year progresses, as a result of our on-going evaluation and review process.

Our overall aim is to raise standards and participation in P.E. and school sport, increasing the opportunities offered to our children. We aim to provide higher quality lessons and improved learning for all, whilst also developing well-being and self esteem. We also aim to make these improvements sustainable by cascading new knowledge gained to other members of staff throughout the year.

As a result of this expenditure, we have been awarded the Silver School Games Mark award for our ‘commitment, engagement and delivery of competitive school sport’, moving up from the Bronze Mark previously awarded.

In 2015/16, we spent this money to raise the profile of PE in school, as follows:

  • Through buying into Total Sports to provide a qualified teacher sports professional for 1 afternoon per week every other half term. This developed staff knowledge and expertise in teaching sport and PE – providing specialist coaching during curriculum time for all year groups so that teachers were given the opportunity to learn from the specialist coaches.
  • One Free after school club provided every other half term chosen by the school / pupils. By offering a range of sporting activities, we encouraged less active children to take part in sport, for example: multi-skills, football, cricket, netball and archery.
  • Ensure participation into City of York Level 2 Tournaments and Total Sport School Competitions. Support for primary school football leagues through the online competition database. Access to over 16 competitions which link into the school games framework. This led to more children taking part in competitions and built self-esteem and self-motivation, as well as developing core values linked to good team work and sportsmanship.
  •  A sports coach employed one day per week in order to teach high quality PE lessons throughout school. One day per week children in school had the experience of being taught by a specialist PE coach and so developed their skills in a range of games activities.
  • Participating in the Yorkshire Dance Festival. This gave the children the opportunity to work together to produce a piece of dance for performance, the opportunity to watch others perform, and developed the expertise of one member of staff through involvement in specialist led teaching.
  • Providing the Y5/6 children with the opportunity to experience Mountain Biking for a session with a qualified coach.This gave the children the opportunity to participate in a new sport and so widened their experiences using equipment not usually available at school.
  • Buying resources to increase participation in a range of sports.