Home Learning

Google Classroom

Here is some information to help you and your child as we begin Home Learning once again at Naburn:

Home learning is put on Seesaw/Google Classroom. Teachers look at at their Seesaw pages regularly so please encourage your child to use this communication tool and to post their work on there. Teachers can then mark this work using written comments, spoken comments or ‘likes’.

Click here for instructions about logging in to Google Classroom from home.

The children also have a log in for Purple Mash and Times Tables Rock Stars, which can be accessed at home, and we have also purchased a subscription to White Rose Maths, which means your child can watch a lesson and then use their White Rose Maths Book to record their work https://whiterosemaths.com/homelearning 

The DfE has developed a range of resources to further support schools and families during this time. Just click the pictures below to go to these sites. 

Each week in school, we use a resource called Picture News for one of our Collective Worships. It is a super resource, based on recent news and always has one big question to make us all think. Every week, with our school newsletter, we send home ideas to use at home. Click here for the Picture News Learning at Home resources. The Picture News website contains an assembly each week which your child can access and there is a facility for your child to send a response in too https://www.picture-news.co.uk/discuss


Each week we also watch the Yo-Yo Collective Worship, which this week is all about two brothers who are not always honest: 

Animal of the Week Each week, we are looking at a different animal. This week it is the Great Crested Newt. Why not find out more about this creature? You could draw it, describe it or even record yourself telling Mr Norris all about it, like David Attenborough would!

Music Your child can use their usual chrome book log in to access a new music programme we have purchased through York Music Hub. It is called Charanga Yumu. https://www.yorkmusichubdigital.org.uk/site/log-in/ Here they can find an array of activities to develop their music skills (and also their maths!). Look out for Tune the Tables, Music World and a weekly music lesson too.

History If you love listening to stories and would like to learn more about history too, why not listen to https://www.historystorytime.com/

Reading If you would like to hear some stories here is a link. You can scan the QR code or just click on the book you like. All ages. Super stories from age 3 to 11 in age group sections https://www.booksfortopics.com/storytime-online

We will add any new resources that we find and think you might enjoy to this page as we work through this new lockdown together.