Steaming away in Year 5/6…

Hello all,

Last Wednesday we took a trip to the National Railway Museum along with 2 other schools as part of our Railway to Greenway project.
We took part in 2 workshops, ‘Rocket to Bullet’ and ‘Need for Speed’, as well as exploring the museum, visiting the famous Soyuz Spacecraft used by Tim Peake to travel back to earth.
We even got the chance to try a space suit out!

When we got back to school we talked about the changes in rail travel, researching all the way back to the Industrial Revolution – We talked about how the designs had changed, and the way trains ran. We were particularly interested in the Japanese Maglev, which uses magnets to travel with top speeds of 375 MPH!

We really enjoyed our visit to the museum, and can’t wait to explore more on our Railway to Greenway project.