Why is Naburn Primary School such a great school? Let’s find out from the children themselves…

“Everything we do is exciting, with a surprise lying around every corner”

“I like going to Naburn because in our school there is no such thing as impossible, because we believe that everything is possible”

“If you are in Year 6 or in Reception you have a buddy. Buddies welcome the Reception children into school and give them a chance to make friends with the older children”

“I love school, it’s great, our teachers are very kind and so are the children”

“We have terrific topics, lovely literacy, fab French and marvellous maths!”

“Happiness in the playground and joy in the classroom and love in each and everyone!”

“We have lots of fun including Young Voices where we sing our hearts out and dance all night at the Sheffield Motorpoint Area…our school summer productions are brilliant too” 

” I like our school because everybody knows everybody else…if you want your child to have a great future send them to Naburn!”